Magnesium Chloride comes from the sea, because it is so easily absorbed through the skin it means it will not have to go through your digestive tract, avoiding being subject to stomach acids unlike oral supplements, therefor leading to more health benefits faster!

​Magnesium has anti inflammatory and immune stimulating properties which means it is of great benefit to adults, children, and babies who suffer with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

​We combine Potassium to balance moisture in the skin, reduce water retention, aid in the nourishment of cells, and regulate the nervous system. Potassium and sodium are the two primary electrolytes responsible for normal muscle function. However, potassium is also known to help reduce blood pressure and to help prevent stroke.

​Bathing in mineral water is not a new thing! Many ancient civilisations were well aware of the therapeutic benefits of bathing in mineral rich waters and started doing so as early as 5th century BCE Greece.In addition to these essential minerals we have added beautiful scents which have many aromatherapy benefits of their own.