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Is Ananda life Australian made and owned?

Yes, Ananda life is completely Australian owned and all products are made in the Byron Bay shire in NSW.

We also support as many Australian suppliers as possible, so the products made by Ananda life are supporting other Australian businesses.

How do we help the environment?

We use recyclable and reusable glass packaging wherever possible and when packing our shipments recyclable paper materials are used.

No plastic bubble wrap here!


Why powdered masks?

No water means you get to activate the product just before use so the product is always fresh and potent. It also gives you the freedom to be able to customise the product to your own preferences.

Waterless products are more stabilized and don’t contain preservatives.⁠⠀

Waterless products are rich in concentrated ingredients making them a higher-value product - meaning better, faster results and a more economical option.

How to mix the mask?

Simply sprinkle out a tablespoon into a bowl and mix with a few drops of water to start with and keep adding until you achieve your smooth desired consistency.

Other great ingredients to add to Ananda Life dry formula masks

Honey- adding honey provides immediate benefits such as softer, smoother skin and noticeably calmer skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to its abilities to heal and soothe inflamed skin, honey contains beneficial antioxidants.


What is waterless beauty?

Most beauty products contain 70 to 90 percent water.

Consumers should be paying for active ingredients without bulking out formulations with water.

When we speak about anhydrous skincare, we refer to products that have not been diluted, nor have they used the precious resource of water that we dearly need to protect. 

100% Active Ingredients

When you choose an anhydrous skincare product from Ananda Life you can be assured that you are receiving a formula that is totally water-free. This means that everything you see, smell and feel is used in its undiluted form. All ingredients are 100% active, so you really do receive a blend that is superior in all aspects.

Lasts Longer

As waterless formulas and blends are undiluted, they tend to last longer and be more potent in their impact. This means that as a customer you can use less of the product and still experience the full effect. You will also find that you are using the product less often than water-based formulas, as the effects are longer lasting and kinder to your skin.

No preservatives

Water breeds bacteria so products that contain water require a preservative to protect the product from harmful bacteria and mold growth. Waterless products are more stabilized and don’t contain preservatives.⁠⠀

Why natural perfume?

Unlike traditional synthetic fragrances that weigh down your body with toxic chemicals, our Aromatherapy Pulse Point essential oils blends contain ingredients that can positively affect your mood and emotions by communicating with your body and senses to give you an experience as nature intended.

Synthetic fragrances are created in laboratories using complex combinations of chemicals that either produce a unique scent that is not found in nature or mimic the smell of natural plants. Some might smell similar to things we find in nature, but they’re a long way from being natural. Perfumes created using synthetic fragrances often contain phthalates and parabens and early results from studies indicate that these two ingredients are potentially toxic, and can possibly interfere with hormone function and fertility. It’s also looking likely that they trigger asthma and other allergies in some people.

Thankfully, but not really surprisingly, the vast majority of natural perfumes do not carry these same risks. It’s easy to see why there has lately been a big resurgence in the art of traditional perfumery with so many people searching for an alternative to synthetic fragrance.

Organic and created with pure essential oils and other botanical ingredients, natural fragrances are exactly as their name suggests, natural and toxin-free. They come straight from mother nature and that means there’s no nasties added and they’re cruelty free because there’s absolutely no testing on animals.


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