Kirsten Abel

beautiful products - I love the Pulse Point Rollers

Jessica Byrne

Amazing oils! My go to from now on!

Maree Etherton

Simply love Ananda Life products Easy to apply great ingredients for my skin, it just brings life to my skin, once I apply this product I don’t feel I need ant thing else, I cant stop raving about it, I simply love it

Rachael Farrelly

The Luxe Body Butter is my ”product crush” I am obsessed. Love Love Love the hydration my skin receives from this product is unparalleled by anything I have tried!

Jolanda Jonkman

I am using the mineral bath therapy, lip balm and the body butter, and all the products are just amazing! They all leave my skin very soft and moisturised and they smell devine! Definitely a luxury treat for my skin.

Mridula Gundlapalli

They are really great products... very highly in quality...especially the lip balms... I can’t wait to try more products...

Hey, I’m Nicole, the founder of Ananda Life.

I reside in the beautiful North Coast of NSW, Australia, where I have found my ultimate happy place surrounded by nature and mindful living. 

My love of magnesium started with my own health journey – I suffered with restless leg syndrome for many years and was in search of a natural solution. 

I am a researcher at heart so instinctively I delved deep into natural healing methods and alternative therapies.