I’m Nicole, the founder of Ananda Life.

I reside in the beautiful North Coast of NSW, Australia, where I have found my ultimate happy place -being surrounded by nature and mindful living. 

My love of magnesium started with my own health journey – I suffered with restless leg syndrome for many years and was in search of a natural solution.

I am a researcher at heart so instinctively I delved deep into natural healing methods and alternative therapies.

This is where I uncovered the magic of magnesium oil. 

Combined with my background as an Aromatherapist and studies in Organic Formulation, I was on a quest to find products that were cruelty free,made with intention, contained natural ingredients, and had no artifcal fragrances or nasties. 

Needless to say, I didn’t quite find what I was looking for and that’s why I created Ananda Life.

Ananda means extreme happiness and joy.

Joy is a word that can be traced back through my family history, it has been handed down through our name connotations. 

Much like the name, my products have a deeper meaning engraved in them.

Derived from high quality natural ingredients, my creations empower you to turn your everyday routine into a ritual.

Yours to cherish and enjoy, inspired with you in mind.

The Ananda Life collection is born of the intention to embrace self care with nourishing, natural and sustainable ingredients.

Crafted with intention and love, my exclusive collection is designed to embrace both beauty and health benefits.

My mission is to not only pamper you but transport you to a wondrous place for that sacred moment where you can connect to your higher self and awaken your inner goddess. 

I value our beautiful environment and I am environmentally conscious. Where possible, my bottles are constructed from amber glass which can be reused, repurposed or recycled. 

Whether you’re looking for that magical blend for yourself for a luxurious pamper present for a loved one, I am always here to find your perfect match.

I am so very proud of my Ananda Life so far and can't wait to introduce you to the new additions that will compliment our growing range!

Love Nicole